Other Services

Borderless Talent Solutions (BTS) 

Expanding your talent search beyond geographic boundaries is complex. Sourcing the right talent requires local recruitment experts. And mobilizing them successfully takes a coordinated global network. BTS is specifically designed to help you move in-demand talent from skill-rich regions to markets with talent shortages quickly and efficiently. Leveraging our unsurpassed global network, local recruiting expertise and labor market experience, we create new talent sources and deliver the entire process, from finding scarce talent to visa advice.

Work Permit, Visa & Resident Cards 

Now and in the near future due to Vietnam’s international integration, Vietnam is attracting more and more foreign workforce. Any foreigners who want to work in Vietnam need to apply for work permits. The procedures for obtaining or renewing work permits require many steps and a number of documents which may be cumbersome to newly arrived expats. We can help you manage these concerns!

Candidate Assessment

We leverage assessments to enable organizations to identify the talent they need for future success. We empower organizations to make the right people decisions and drive optimal business results. 

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