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To stay ahead of the competition today, you need expertise beyond your core capabilities and quick access to the right talent to deliver the outcomes you need to achieve more.​ Built upon our deep recruiting experience and our expertise in crafting impactful outsourcing solutions, we deliver the talent you need to keep you ahead in a demanding world.

​​We provide talent-driven outsourcing of operations, functions and services to drive the productivity you need to succeed in a more demanding world. Our capabilities range from contact centers to manufacturing functions to IT help desks and any place in between. We leverage our unmatched expertise in sourcing and managing talent to recruit, execute and deliver the results you need to win.

Experienced Experts

We leverage our global workforce insight, implementation experience and expertise in sourcing and managing talent across a broad range of skills in all industries and functions to quickly deliver efficiency and productivity to your operations.

Flexibility & Speed

We have experience in quickly sourcing talent, building teams and optimizing their performance. Our ability to rapidly respond to your needs gives you the flexibility to take advantage of opportunities that don’t wait for you.

Customized Solutions

We build a deep, collaborative partnership with you to understand your business, your ambitions, and your talent-related opportunities. Through this strong relationship, we craft individual solutions that are seamless extensions of your teams and your operations.


Payroll Outsourcing

In today’s highly demanding business environment, companies are turning to payroll outsourcing to streamline their transactional human resources functions. This empowers their HR business partners to focus on more strategic and pressing human capital matters. Outsourcing your organization’s payroll processing functions not only improves your business agility, it also helps to increase profitability.

​We ensure compliance at every level and your employees’ benefits are administered accurately.

We provide a full package of payroll services or tailored package including the following services:

1. Payroll Management

  • Flexible system for specific needs of clients

  • Standardized process and internal control reports checking input data and output reports to ensure accuracy.

  • Standard and customized payroll reports are available upon clients’ requests.

2. Pay Slip Generation and Distribution

  • Clients can choose pay slip delivery methods: hard copy and electronic copy via email

  • Standard and customized payroll reports are available upon clients’ requests.

3. Personal Income Tax Management

We take care of all necessary declarations, filings and applicable payments related to Personal Income Tax (PIT) payments for employees:

  • Obtaining applicable tax codes for new employees

  • Register new dependents or changes to dependents

  • Complete applicable monthly tax declarations, filings and payments

  • Issue tax receipts to employees

  • Preparing tax finalization at year-end.

4. Insurance Management

We provide management service on compulsory insurance such as social insurance (SI), health insurance (HI), and unemployment insurance (UI), including the below activities:

  • Initial registration with the Social Security Office to obtain insurance accounts and codes for clients

  • Claims management for sick leave and maternity leave

  • Obtaining and delivering health insurance cards to clients every six months

  • Register new employees with the Social Security Office to obtain insurance books (when applicable) and health insurance cards

  • Deregister terminated employees with the Social Security Office, returning health insurance cards and close their insurance books

  • Reconcile quarterly reports with Social Security Office.


5. Tax Finalization for Individuals and Employers

  • Tax finalization service for non-payroll clients.

  • Clients include Vietnamese, foreigners or employers

  • Service scope is customized based on client’s needs.


6. Employee Queries

  • An additional service destine for clients without local HR contacts or with huge workforce

  • Communications are primarily via email or telephone.

  • We provide monthly report on employee queries to authorized people of the clients.

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