Accountant (Tax) (HO)

Địa điểm Hanoi, Vietnam
Ngành nghề Năng lượng, dầu khí khai khoáng
Category Finance & Accounting
Mã số 9734
Loại công việc Cố định
Email liên hệ
Điện thoại liên hệ +84 2439744574 (420)
Ngày đăng Jun 17, 2021

Job Overview/About Company:

Under the direction of Senior Accountant Team Leader, Accountant performs a wide variety of tax and accounting activities


Key Responsibilities:

  1. Control of all tax operational activities

Main responsibility is to control some parts of tax operational activities.

Assist for special tax issues.

  1. Detail of each tax activities                                    
  • CIT

Update CIT regulation and develop internal procedure.

Review the payment dossier and handle CIT operation

Handle CIT audit.

  • FCT

Update FCT regulation and develop internal procedure

Handle FCT exemption, audit and refund

Handle FCT operation/declaration and payment.

  • Import tax

Update import tax regulation and develop internal procedure

Handle import tax exemption, audit and refund

Handle Import tax declaration, payment, finalization and refund.

  • PIT

Review other income amount and inform to HR section for PIT declaration (monthly).

  • VAT

Update VAT regulation and develop internal procedure.

Handle VAT operation, audit and refund.

  • Other tax

Update tax regulation related to NSRP activities.

Handle other tax operation and develop internal procedure.

  1. Internal audit
  2. Develop SAP system
  3. Develop internal policy and procedure​​​​​​​: Other related tax tasks as required by CAO or Leaders


 Job Requirements:

  1. Educational Level — University Graduated.
  2. Work Experience More than 3 years’ working experience in Tax field. (Especially CIT, FCT, VAT, import tax).
  3. Specialty/Qualification
  • Experienced with accounting and tax fields as follows:
  • Corporate Income Tax (CIT), Foreign Contractor Tax (FCT), and Value Added Tax (VAT), import tax.
  • Vietnamese Accounting Standard (VAS)
  1. Oral Communication Make clear and convincing oral presentations to individuals or groups; listens effectively and clarifies information as needed; facilitates an open exchange of ideas and fosters an atmosphere of open communication.
  2. Skills
  • English language skills
  • Have excellent verbal and written communication skill, report writing and presentation skills
  • Software skills: Have knowledge of Microsoft Office products (including Word, Excel, and Power Point, Outlook), and Internet
  • Tax knowledge: Have in-depth and practical knowledge arelated to tax regulation in compliance.