HR Supervisor

Location Phú Thọ
Category HR
Job reference 11723
Job type Permanent
Consultant email
Consultant contact no 0973 665 959
Date posted Dec 09, 2021
-    Business Type: Manufacturing 
-    Industry: Electronics
-    Headcounts: At the beginning stage, there will be about 1,200 employees, and as planned, there will be more than 10,000 employees totally.

-    Position: HR Supervisor 人事主管
-    Reporting line: Directly report to General Manager of Department (Chinese)
-    Contact information: Phuong Le (Ms.) 0973665959 –


1. 根据公司战略和业务发展,分析业务需求并与各方保持双向良好沟通,制定越南公司的人力资源战略及相适宜的政策、流程、体系,建立良好的人才选、用、育、留机制,提升人力资源运作效率,促进组织的健康持续发展;
According to the company’s strategy and business development, analyze business needs and maintain good two-way communication with all parties, formulate the human resources strategy and appropriate policies, processes and systems of Vietnam company, establish a good talent selection, employment, education and retention mechanism, improve the operation efficiency of human resources and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the organization.
2. 推进公司各项人力资源制度在越南公司的执行、监督和反馈工作;
Promote the implementation, supervision and feedback of the company’s human resources system in Vietnam plant.
3.     提供有效的人力资源解决方案;
Provide effective HR solution;
4. 与业务相关方建立良好的伙伴关系,合作搭建越南管理体系。
Establish good relationship with business partners and cooperate to build Vietnam’s management system.


1. 大专及以上学历;
Bachelor degree or above;
2. 5年以上人力资源管理相关工作经历;
More than 5 years working experience in HRM;
3. 中文可作为工作语言;
Chinese is available as working language;
4. 了解越南劳务、人力等法律法规;
Well-known Vietnam labor laws;
5. 善于整合资源、驱动目标达成,具有出色的多任务、多角色平衡能力;
Good at integrating resources and driving goal achievement with excellent multi-task and multi-role balance ability.
6. 具有良好的组织协调、跨文化沟通能力;
Have good organization, coordination and cross-cultural communication skills;
7. 具有良好的逻辑分析及快速解决问题的能力;
Have good logical analysis and rapid problem solving ability.
8. 越南籍