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  • Since the new normal was established in May 2020, the employment trends in Vietnam have witnessed several signs of transformation nationwide. To keep up with these changes, ManpowerGroup Vietnam has launched "ManpowerGroup Vietnam Employment Outlook Survey – First half of 2021". The survey aims to share the hiring forecast by businesses in the Quarter I & II of 2021. Join now to contribute to the forecast of Vietnam's labor market and become 1 of the 10 luckiest respondents to receive a VND 200,000 Mobile Gift voucher.

  • Does your business have a plan to recruit in massive quantity? Does your business need a payroll and employment contract management team? Is your business considering subleased workers for flexible workforce and compliance with local regulation? Our professional consulting team is always ready to listen and offer the most suitable solutions for your business. We will support businesses in recruiting talented people, saving their time and costs, and sharing risks with our customers.

    Chuong Trinh Thuc Tap Sinh 2020-2021
  • Align your workforce strategy with your business strategy. Our Total Workforce Index combines data and insight to help you make better business decisions for a reimagined future. Learn more on our Vietnam Analysis.

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  • Conducted in July - August 2020, when the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic hit Vietnam, the survey was aimed at forecasting the hiring intentions by enterprises as a consequence of the global health crisis in Vietnam. 48% of interviewed employers reported that their business was slightly impacted by the pandemic and only 17% still operated normally. When asked about hiring prospects in the later part of 2020 compared to the first half of 2020, 29% of surveyed employers reported an increase in hiring intentions, while a similar number of respondents (around 27%) noted no change in recruitment activities. Find out more in our full report!

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  • ​A dramatic workforce transformation is happening in front of our eyes. One thing is certain – this crisis should be a catalyst for a new future of work, that is more flexible, more diverse and more wellbeing-oriented than we could ever have imagined. To find out how this crisis is accelerating What Workers Want, ManpowerGroup asked more than 8,000 people in 8 countries about the future for workers. See the results for fresh insight into how this next normal might eventually be better for everyone.

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