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  • To forecast the future of work in the manufacturing and processing industry, ManpowerGroup Vietnam and the Institute of Labor and Social Affairs (c/o MOLISA) has jointly implemented the research “The situation and demand of working skills at FDI manufacturing and processing businesses in Vietnam in 2021-2023” with 200 FDI manufacturing and processing enterprises.

    Join "Skills Gap in The Manufacturing and Processing Industry" event to obtain valuable insights on the labour market and practical solutions from leading experts.

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  • ​To keep up with employment changes under the new normal circumstance, ManpowerGroup Vietnam would like to invite you to participate in our next round of the "Vietnam Employment Outlook Survey" for the Quarter 3 and 4 of 2021. The survey aims to share the hiring forecast by businesses in the second half of the year. Join now!

    Chuong Trinh Thuc Tap Sinh 2020-2021
  • Does your business have a plan to recruit in massive quantity? Does your business need a payroll and employment contract management team? Is your business considering subleased workers for flexible workforce and compliance with local regulation? Our professional consulting team is always ready to listen and offer the most suitable solutions for your business. We will support businesses in recruiting talented people, saving their time and costs, and sharing risks with our customers.

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  • According to ManpowerGroup's "What Workers Want" survey, Gen Zs are ambitious, hungry for cash and career development. They are willing to work under any working models, as long as these models satisfy their motivators. Being born in the digital age, Gen Zs are especially good at working with modern technologies. On the other hand, the challenges facing Gen Zs include their difficulty to adapt to new corporate culture and mingling well with other generations. Therefore, employers should put training, mentoring or coaching for Gen Z workers as one of top priorities for talent retention.

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  • Our streamlined permanent placement process gives you direct access to top-notch, fully-screened and appropriately-qualified candidates, in every industry and at every level. It reduces time-to-hire, it’s more cost effective, and it delivers on-the-job success for the long term. Manpower's experienced consultants and innovative solutions will ensure you find the right people and give you the best chance of retaining them.

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