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  • ​It’s going to be the end of a year again! Together with this festive atmosphere comes a season of goodwill. It's a great time for us to reflect how we can give back to the community. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become an indispensable factor towards the sustainable growth of businesses in today's ever-changing economy. On 14th December, ManpowerGroup and CFVG will join hands to organize "Putting Sustainability into Practice" Coffee Talk with practical sharing on activities for the community, which is nowadays well known as "Sustainability".

  • How important is an employer's brand to you when applying for a job? What kind of information will you seek before deciding to work for a company? This survey is conducted to understand the importance of employer brand in the job application process of Vietnamese candidates. Join with us now!

  • ​The 4.0 Industrial Revolution has brought about a series of changes in the world. As one of the major factors impacted by this Revolution, jobs today are changing constantly leading to 65% of Generation Z will do the jobs don’t exist in the present time. Ms. Vo Thi Bich Thuy, Manager of Perm and Consulting Services, ManpowerGroup Vietnam, joined an online Talkshow on “Kenh 14” and share her insights on “Career Transitions in 4.0 Age” as an honor guest.


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