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  • COVID-19 is posing unprecedented challenges to people and economies around the world. To limit the economic downturn and impact on people’s ability to earn a living, the labor market and all its stakeholders must quickly adjust to this new reality – a new normal. We are collaborating with the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs to organize this webinar, helping the businesses to thrive in the new normal with insights from ManpowerGroup in APME markets, MOLISA, VCCI, ILO and the FDI business community.

  • What does a #SmartRestart and safe return to the workplace look like? Check out our insightful information on #SafelyBackToWork and research-based return to work roadmap from global HR leaders. These informative insights can be adapted and implemented in any sector with best practices for organizations of all types and sizes to use this research to identify and apply the practices that will get them up and running in a safe, healthy and productive way.

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  • Learn about ManpowerGroup’s COVID-19 Business Response and what it means to you, featuring a dedicated resource hub with expert recommendations to assist you build resilience and mitigate the impact during this COVID-19 outbreak.


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