Junior Inspection Engineer

Location Thanh Hóa
Industry Energy/Oil & Mining
Job reference 11350
Salary 0-20.000.000
Job type Permanent
Consultant email thanh.nguyen@manpower.com.vn
Consultant contact no +84 2439744574 (489)
Date posted Aug 13, 2021
A. Requirements
Educational Level: University Graduate or Equivalent.
Work Experience: Min 1-3 year working experience in industrial production.
A bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or Metallurgical Engineering.
Skills : 
- Understand about material selection and their application in industry. Having knowledge on metallurgy, piping is preferred.
- Have basic knowledge about Non-destructive examination techniques.
- Awareness of ASME design codes and API standards, for example API 571, ASME B31.3, API 510, API 570….
- Experience on design and maintenance of cathodic protection system such Sacrificed Anode and Impress current will be preferable.
- Understand and interpret clearly the Vietnamese law for regulated equipment.
- Able to read types of common drawings such assembly drawings, piping & instrument drawing.
- Awareness of health, safety and environment protection
- Job holder minimum English skill level of IELTS 4.5.
- Job holder can prepare presentation and meeting contents.
- Fluent in Microsoft applications includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook.
B. Purpose
Junior Inspection Engineer is required for being aware of all inspection aspects related to of process static equipment and piping system that are under his/her area in the Refinery. Duty of Junior Inspection Engineer includes understanding of inspection guidance of process equipment and piping system, supervising the outsourcing parties, reporting the inspection findings, and conducting routine inspection. The Junior Inspection Engineer shall familiarize and practice the use of the Refinery electronic database to support Inspection Engineers for inspection plan and evaluation and root cause analysis.
C. Responsibility 
The responsibility of the Junior Inspection Engineer as a minimum shall consist of the followings: 
1. Learning how to direct, schedule and supervise inspection activities of outsourcing Contractor. Understanding supervisory functions as established by the Management. Have skill to coordinate with specialists from non-destructive testing, third party inspection or corrosion control Contractors. 
2. Familiarity and understanding of principles and operation of fired/unfired pressure equipment and supporting utilities in Refinery e.g. reactors, heaters, columns, vessels, heat exchangers, piping system, storage tanks, steam generation plant. Review engineering drawings/technical reports and comments on material, welding, testing and quality assurance. 
3. Learning how to perform thermo-graphic surveys of reactors, waste heat boilers, piping etc.(using highly advanced equipment) for heater tube, hot spots and the other which occur due to deterioration of refractory lining and insulation. 
4. Learning how to analyze inspection findings/abnormal equipment conditions and recommends remedial measures. If required, prepares summary of such findings, and submits final inspection reports under supporting from Inspection Engineers, Inspection Leader together with recommendations for repairs/replacements/preventive measures as necessary. 
5. Support Inspection Engineers and Leader to generate shutdown inspection worklist for plant turnaround and propose inspection schedules for scheduled/unscheduled units planned shutdown, make inspection reports and recommend actions to achieve preventive maintenance. 
6. Perform field inspection work and monitor Refinery in service performance as required due to work load, complexity of problem etc. 
7. Study the inspection procedures/practices. Review/edit inspection reports when required and ensures that inspection records are well maintained. 
8. Manage and comply with all Vietnamese regulations in Refinery based on requirements from local jurisdiction/third party inspection agency/insurers. 
9. May act for Senior Inspection Engineer during his absence as being authorized. 
10. Fully comply with Company’s regulations in Health, Safety and Environment Management. 
11. Performs other related duties as directed. 
D. Accountability, Duty
To achieve the followings through the above responsibility
- Develop ability to inspect Static Equipment and Piping with using both visual and high-tech methods.
- Develop ability to supervise and manage outsourcing contractors.
- Develop skills for inspection works in planning, scheduling, implementing and reporting.
* Specific subjects and each numerical goal will be defined every year. 
E. Latitude for Actions or Decisions
NONE, unless specifically directed.
F. Supervisory Responsibility
Under specifically directed by Inspection Engineers and Leaders.
G. Work Environment & Physical Effort
The Job holder is expected to spend 80% of his/her time on site being trained on various Inspection activities. The environment conditions are harsh in terms of prevailing weather conditions, noise, and presence of flammable and toxic gases, confined space and pyrophoric scale, working at height and physically challenging (crawling, climbing, rolling, and stretching).