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ManpowerGroup Vietnam’s Podcast #1 Dare to Change

ManpowerGroup Vietnam’s Podcast #1 Dare to Change

In our career, sometimes we have to change: change job, change direction, change environment... There are changes that are simply due to circumstances, but there are also changes that come entirely from the decisions of the people themselves. Moreover, every choice comes with trade-offs and not everyone is brave enough to let go of things that are stable, familiar, easy, and at the same time embark on experiences whose results are unpredictable...

In episode 1, we have the participation of a special guest, Mr. Nguyen Nguyen Bao - a professional coach who has been successful in the field of training and coaching since a relatively young age - who will have an enthusiastic sharing about a big turning point that has helped him get to where he is today.

Moreover, our Podcast #1 is beautifully hosted by Ms. Thuy Vo, Manager, Permanent Recruitment and Executive Search, ManpowerGroup Vietnam.

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Please note that the podcast content is in Vietnamese