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Building a Resilient Organization with a Coaching Culture


Our world of work is going through radical transformations and at a faster pace than ever before, which is mostly due to the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and COVID-19. 93% of people have seen their working life transform as a result of COVID19, according to the ILO. Meanwhile, breakthroughs in technology are impacting and disrupting every industry at all levels, presenting both opportunities and challenges to the future workforce.

While the need for up-skilling and re-skilling employees to prepare for the future is obvious, employers have come to realize that building a resilient and adaptable workforce is much more vital and sustainable. The pandemic is reshaping in-demand skills in search by employers globally, during which coaching is ranked among the top 10 soft skills (*). It’s undeniable that coaching can unlock creativity of the workforce and give them tools to solve their own challenges. In Vietnam, nevertheless, coaching culture has not been such popular and is therefore limited in application.

Let’s join the “Building A Resilient Organization with A Coaching Culture” webinar, co-organized by ManpowerGroup Vietnam and AmCham Vietnam to learn more about the benefits of coaching culture in organizations and how it can support them in building resilience to be successful in the pandemic.

(*) ManpowerGroup 2021 Talent Shortage Survey

Webinar language: Vietnamese

Speakers & Moderator

Key Takeaways

  • Impacts of Covid-19 on employees and organizations

  • The role of coaching culture in a business

  • How coaching culture helps employees to build resilience

  • Key components to build a strong coaching culture

  • Practical case studies and experience from leading organizations

Who Should Attend

​​This Webinar is ideal for Business Leaders, Executives in Human Resources, Talent Acquisition as well as Learning and Development. It is also useful for professionals dealing with change management, organizational development, strategic planning and talent management.

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10:00 AM: Check in

10:15 AM: Opening remarks by AmCham & ManpowerGroup Vietnam

10:25 AM: Presentation by ManpowerGroup Vietnam

10:45 AM: Panel discussion & Q&A

11:45 AM: Closing