Pham Thanh Huong

Country Finance & Accounting Manager

Huong Pham joined ManpowerGroup Vietnam as Financial Manager in 2011. In this position, she manages the company’s overall finance and accounting functions.

Throughout her nearly 20-year career in Financial and Accounting, Huong has engaged in supporting and developing the company’s business and finance strategies and driving operational performance across nationwide and business lines. She was then granted Power Award – ManpowerGroup exclusively global award for best performer in 2015 due to her valuable contribution to the company’s aggressive growth strategy.

Prior to joining ManpowerGroup, Huong held previous Chief Accountant roles from numerous companies in Logistics, Recreations and Advertising sectors, where she was responsible for setting up, developing and managing the accounting system and staff.

Huong holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in finance and accounting from Hanoi University of Business & Management and a Master’s degree in Corporate Finance and Management Control from Toulon University.

Outside of work, Huong loves travelling, acquiring new skills and enjoying moments with her family.


Pham Thanh Huong