Gen Z: Risks or Reward Investment for businesses?

Gen Z: Risks or Reward Investment for businesses?

Online Webinar


15:00 PM - 16:30 PM

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In recent years, technology has developed at breakneck speed. But technology and solutions, without the people with the skills needed for today’s ever-evolving workplace, cannot create transformation and business impact.

​Gen Z (born from 1996 to 2010), the youngest members of the workforce, is at the heart of this technology-driven time. Is Gen Z equipped with necessary skills to keep up with the Industrial Revolution 4.0? At the same time, how are businesses going to reshape the talent management strategy to fit with this young, ambitious workforce? And how can they attract and retain the best Gen Z?

​Join our webinar, co-organized with PwC and ACCA Vietnam, that will welcome our most distinguished keynote and guest speakers to have your questions answered. With the latest researches and surveys on Gen Z, we hope that the insights from this webinar will be useful and applicable to your businesses.