Skills Gap in The Manufacturing and Processing Industry

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09:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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2020 marked an important milestone in the economic and social context of Vietnam as Covid-19 affects about 93% of the world population. Vietnam has suffered from several impacts by the pandemic. Though, the manufacturing and processing industry continues to play a key role in leading the growth of the economy. In particular, industrial manufacturing and processing in the fourth quarter of 2020 continued to maintain a higher growth momentum than previous quarters, bringing significant contributions to the economic recovery prospects.

Being an Asian country with strong international integration and young abundant workforce, Vietnam has continued attracting strong foreign direct investment capital (FDI), creating more business and job opportunities. However, it is forecasted that the human resource structure will have a fundamental change when the foreign direct investment flows to industries that require medium to high skilled workers, instead of low or unskilled workforce.

To forecast the future of work in the manufacturing and processing industry, ManpowerGroup Vietnam and the Institute of Labor and Social Affairs (c/o MOLISA) has jointly implemented the research “The situation and demand of working skills at FDI manufacturing and processing businesses in Vietnam in 2021-2023” with 200 FDI manufacturing and processing enterprises.

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