Vocational Orientation & Employment for The Youth in Industry 4.0

Hà Nội


08:00 AM - 11:45 AM

Spotlight  01

Hanoi, 6 December 2019

Ms. Nguyen Thu Thanh - Manager, Permanent Recruitment & Consulting Services, ManpowerGroup Vietnam spoke at the seminar "Career-orientation and employment for youth in Industry 4.0" organized by the Employment Department (c/o MOLISA) in Hanoi. The workshop attracted more than 50 representatives from MOLISA, Employment Service Centers, Vocational Institutions and Youth Institutions.

Ms. Thanh shared the latest insights on the labor market trends and the future skills in-demand via her presentation “Future of Work and Suggestions to develop a quality workforce”.

​She also emphasized the essential need of strong and connected collaboration among the government, institutions and businesses. The workers themselves also need to nurture their learnability to stay competitive and grow their career in the ever changing world of work.