Planning Supervisor

Location Ho Chi Minh
Industry Manufacturing
Category Production
Job reference 9699
Job type Permanent
Consultant email
Consultant contact no +84 28 3911 0950 | ext. 149
Date posted Feb 03, 2020

Key responsibilities

Recruitment and Retention:

  • Recruit, interview and hire planning personnel.
  • Communicate criteria to recruiters for planning position candidates.
  • Monitor team member turnover; identify key factors that can be improved; make improvements.


Employee and Team Development:

  • Identify individual and team strengths and development needs on an ongoing basis.
  • Create and/or validate training curriculum in area of responsibility.


Performance Management:

  • Establish clear measurable goals and objectives by which to determine individual and team results (i.e. operational metrics, results against project timelines, training documentation, attendance records, knowledge of operational roles and responsibilities, personal development goals).
  • Solicit ongoing feedback from Workcell members, Business Unit Manager (BUM), and Planning Manager on planning Manager’s contribution to the team.
  • Provide ongoing coaching and counseling to Planning Manager based on feedback.
  • Express pride in staff and encourage them to feel good about their accomplishments.
  • Perform team member evaluations professionally and on time.
  • Drive individuals and the team to continuously improve in key operational metrics and the achievement of the organizational goals.
  • Coordinate activities of large teams and keep them focused in times of crises.
  • Ensure recognition and rewards are managed fairly and consistently in area of responsibility.



  • Provide communication forum for the exchange of ideas and information with the department.
  • Organize verbal and written ideas clearly and use an appropriate business style.
  • Ask questions; encourage input from team members.
  • Assess communication style of individual team members and adapt own communication style accordingly.


Technical Management Responsibilities

  • Provide feedback and support development of Planning initiatives and strategies.
  • Ensure workcell’s execution to Planning strategies.
  • Support customer’s business needs using standard process where possible and customized solutions where necessary.
  • Ensure that the Workcell is focused to drive down the overall cost of materials.
  • Ensure 100% on-time delivery.
  • Establish build readiness.
  • Maintain efficiency of capacity and customer sizing.
  • Maintain accurate revenue forecasting.
  • Maintain material control and liability.
  • Develop Master Production Schedule (MPS) and load into ERP system, including Purchase Order (PO) coverage.
  • Reconcile the MPS to customer PO coverage weekly to ensure that is not exposed over and above customer PO coverage or other authorized customer demand.
  • Ensure the MPS is always 100% accurate and achievable.
  • Achieve and maintain 95% MPS goal.
  • Own production planning, BOM and document control with or without additional support.
  • Analyze material and capacity requirements and communicate constraints to the Workcell and customer based on accurate customer demand.
  • Maintain the workcell’s capacity planning model; drive resolution on uneven capacity utilization that keeps focused on the customer but efficiently utilizing manufacturing resources.
  • Meet daily with the Workcell and manufacturing team to assess production schedules, (adjust as necessary based on production results) optimize run quantities, and minimize changeovers to help achieve 100% on time delivery.
  • Maintain the customers’ latest contract on file at all times and be familiar with the terms and conditions of the contract regarding customer liability of material planning and production scheduling. This includes the liability window for material purchase order placement, purchase price for components, and liability for any in-house materials (purchased and manufactured).
  • Be the workcell’s “expert” on all planning activities by supporting the Production Planner goal of never starting to build product without having a valid PO, adequate material quantities, and accurate BOM and an accurate routing.
  • Lead the Workcell on the creation of Bills of Material (BOMs) and routings that allows accurate tracking of WIP assemblies and accurate inventory movement transactions.
  • End-of Life (EOL) management should include chairing a meeting 30 days prior to the last planned build date to create tactics to support the EOL strategy.
  • Own the build schedule, corrections and resolution of MPS to customer demand, planned tactics on deadlines for assemblies out of the various work areas on the floor, deadline for last shipment, and support plan for potential RMAs.
  • Manage purge process for internal Workcell purges.
  • Adhere to all environmental, safety, and health rules and regulations associated with this position.
  • Comply to and follow all procedures within the and JDAS security policy.

Job Requirement

  • APICS certification and Supervisor experience also preferred.
  • Thorough knowledge of MRP, lead times for specific component types, internal run rates, test development lead times, machine programming lead times and complete understanding of the chronological sequence of events that must occur in order to build a product.