Senior Network Engineer

Location Phú Thọ
Job reference 11693
Job type Permanent
Consultant email
Consultant contact no 0973 665 959
Date posted Dec 02, 2021

IT Management Department

System Operation and Maintenance Section

Degree requirement: Bachelor degree or above. Major: Computer

Language requirement: Good at Chinese

General requirement:

1. Good communication and expression skills, good organization and coordination skills, strong learning ability, and strong sense of responsibility.

2. Load park, wired and wireless network planning, related, and post-maintenance, exception handling.

3. Foreign language ability: master Vietnamese and Chinese


Responsible for the IT network related operation and maintenance work of the Vietnam factory, including but not limited to: IT machine room infrastructure progress follow-up and coordination, IT equipment arrival and placement communication and coordination, IT network planning and construction. Ensure the normal and stable operation of all IT networks in the later period