Transport Supervisor

Location Hanoi
Job reference 11219
Job type Permanent
Consultant email
Consultant contact no 0973 665 959
Date posted Jul 16, 2021


  • LD operation sup is responsible to monitoring daily local delivery operation of HAN CE WH and delivery status for all shipment to delivery to customer successfully
  • Follow return good and report to leader and pushing vendor also.
  • Get requirement from customer and ask vendor to delivery cargo on time
  • Co-operate with all department to monitoring LD filling rate & abnormal LOC issue.
  • Control carrier performance (delivery on time, closed IOD…)
  • Follow order plan with SAVINA & push carrier making transport plan ASAP, especially weekend and month-end


  • LD operation supervisor


  • LD operation staff is responsible to monitoring daily delivery status of HAN CE WH and also control shipment to delivery to customer on time..


  • Get requirement from customer to ask vendor make delivery plan.
  • Follow and monitoring truck arrange to update issue to leader
  • Follow delivery situation and solve issue relevant.
  • Update delivery status to customer daily
  • IOD checking in Cello system and IOD pending and other issue report to leader.
  • Solve issue with carrier (if any)


  • Weekly IOD and delivery situation summary report to leader
  • Follow return cargo to push vendor to return on time.
  • Solve Cello system issue related TMS module.
  • Check carrier and SAVINA to confirm delivery extra cost
  • Approval RRDD for special cases have actual delivery > RDD
  • Coordinate relevant parties to follow STO for SVC part from SEHC to HAN WH and update information
  • Follow implement smart IOD project
  • Weekly meeting with DHL and SAVINA


  • Delivery volume and situation report.
  • Summary return pending report.
  • Support update IOD closing in month-end

Other Job:

  • Other work assigned by part leader/ group leader and manager.


Education / Qualification:

  • Prefer University graduated,


  • Prefer 3-5 years of experience relevant.


  • Able to work independently and able to multi-task
  • Possess excellent communication & interpersonal skills
  • Able to work under pressure & able to work over time (if any).
  • Proficient in MS Office (Excel, Access, etc.)
  • English skill need (speaking / Talking / Listening / Writing)