Turnaround QA/QC Coordinator

Location Thanh Hóa
Industry Energy/Oil & Mining
Job reference 11689
Job type Permanent
Consultant email thanh.nguyen@manpower.com.vn
Consultant contact no +84 2439744574 (489)
Date posted Dec 02, 2021

Position: Turnaround QA/QC Coordinator

Reporting To: Turnaround QA/QC Leader Coordinator

Division: Maintenance (Turnaround section)


Educational Level: College Graduated

Work Experience:

  • Min 5 years’ experience in QA/QC Management, with at least 4 years in Oil & Gas / Petrochemical industry, well experienced on  QA/QC Processes and the importance of the respective Documentation. Candidates experience in Shutdown / Turnaround project in Oil & Gas / Petrochemical industry will be essential.


  • Persistence and thoroughness in getting close outs of documentation during a Turnaround of the Oil & Gas / Petrochemical Industry


  • Prepare, obtain and maintain all TA QA/QC Documents and processes before, during and post TA;
  • Able to set-up, obtain and maintain and Documentation Control System for the various QA/QC documents required (incl. Flange Control; Tightness checks; Flange labelling, etc.), as well as Mechanical Completeness Sign off Certification process – initial basis in MS Excel;
  • Able to read engineering documents to identify key relevant QA/QC items, specifically for Rotation as well as Static Equipment;
  • Able to understand Process/Operation Systems for the QA/QC Documentation to follow;
  • Able to identify and establish key KPI’s within the QA/QC Section for use pre/during/post a TA;
  • Strong Data analytical skills;
  • Experience with MS Office Professional is essential;
  • Good written and oral communication in English skills are essential;
  • Able to work under high pressure, ready to work during public  holidays and in shift;
  • Provide professional workmanship to establish clear expectations and demonstrate high standards of work practices and safety conscious behavior.


  • To provide effective coordination including control, planning, schedule, identification, organizing activities for Quality Assurance and Control of Certifications, Approvals required for the start and completion for the Turnaround and shutdown the Refinery.


  • Turnaround QA/QC Coordinator:
    • Responsible in supporting the TA Organization in ensuring Quality requirements are built into the planning as well as execution phases for his Area of the TA;
    • Mastery of software required to complete job activities including Microsoft Excel, Word, Maximo, etc.;
    • Follow up the TA Quality Plan – including System completion for his area and Turnover Management;
    • Ensure the right level of quality is applied to all aspects (Maintenance and Projects) in all phases of the TA for his area;
    • Liaise with Contractors and third party organization for his area with respect to TA Quality requirements;
    • Oversee the identification and reporting of non-conformances, and ensure that corrective actions are applied
    • Key (but no exclusive) Quality Focus Area are: Tightness; Cleanliness; Process Integrity; Mechanical Static integrity (incl welding); Mechanical Rotating; Instrument & Electrical Integrity; Civil,  Insulation, Refractory and Painting, as well as Preservation & Materials Management;
    • Oversee the preparation of handover documents prior TA Completion for his area;
    • Prepare Training materials for onboarding QC and other craftsmen for his area;
    • Facilitate Awareness Training of the QA/QC TA program to SNRP and contract partner employees
    • Ensure QA/QC Checklists per Equipment type are available for use for his area;
    • Develop and ensure application of Q-Cards for the TA period for his area (Observations feedback, how to do better);
    • Prepare Daily Quality Bulletin during TA for his area (Observations, what is good, what is bad)
    • During the execution, deal with Execution Supervisors, Contractor QA/QC Coordinators for his area.
    • Provide all necessary reports on a weekly basis & monthly basis (Daily during the execution phase of the TA);
    • Keep track and report all KPI’s for the Shutdown / Turnaround for his area;
    • Contribute in the preparation of the post-turnaround reports in terms of Lessons Learned management for his area;
  • Needs Assessment
    • Explore issues or needs, establishing potential causes and barriers as well as related issues
  • Communicate effectively
    • Develops and delivers multi-mode communications that convey a clear understanding of the unique needs of different audiences. For example, listens attentively and takes an interest. Keeps others well informed; conveys information clearly, concisely, and professionally when speaking or writing.
  • Action oriented
    • Takes on new opportunities and tough challenges with a sense of urgency, high energy, and enthusiasm. For example, takes timely action on important or difficult issues. Identifies and pursues new opportunities that benefit the organization.
  • Manages complexity
    • Makes sense of complex, high quantity, and sometimes contradictory information to effectively solve problems. For example, looks at complex issues from multiple angles; explores issues to uncover underlying issues and root causes; sees the main consequences and implications of different options.
  • Financial acumen
    • General understanding of financial impact of decisions and proposals.
  • Organizational savvy
    • Maneuvers comfortably through complex policy, process, and people-related organizational dynamics. For example, proactively seeks to understand the organizational culture and adapts fluently to expected behaviors and protocols. Is inquisitive about the workgroup's function and the unwritten rules of the group.

Accountability, Duty

  • Ensure that the TQM/ QA-QC Process for the Shutdown / Turnaround project for his Area will be under control and provide full support to the Shutdown / Turnaround project team  on time at high quality.