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The Future Factory Webinar


Digital for organizations

Digital is an integrated approach that combine software, data, interfaces and controls in order to design, model, simulate, analyze, control, share and manage the creation, delivery and performance of products and services. Digital will touch every aspect of the organization and ultimately become the way it functions.

The Journey to Transformation:

Manufacturing has undergone many transformations, from dirty, dark and dangerous to advanced, digital and connected. We have mapped four technical generations of manufacturing.

Today we are on the cusp of the third generation, characterized by the transformational power of radical improvements in connected systems and machine learning.

The rate of change is accelerating rapidly. It took nearly three-quarters of a century to move on from Gen Zero, yet the next shift was achieved in half that time. Gen Two began in 2005 and by 2020, we expect to be fully immersed in Gen Three.

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The Impact of Transformation on the Manufacturing organization

Almost half of all roles in manufacturing (49%) will need to change within the next three-to-five years as the industry transitions to become fully digital. Our workforce analysis identified 165 new and evolving roles across seven areas of technical expertise — what we refer to as "domains”.

Within the seven domains, specific roles can be mapped to the impact they make on the organizations and the way they connect. The evolution of roles is both diverse and significant – future roles are wide-ranging and varied.

65% of all jobs that Generation Z (born in 1996 and after) will do don’t exist yet.


Mapping the Skills that will Power Manufacturing

New technologies and automation are impacting the need for more advanced digital manufacturing jobs. The digitization of manufacturing is creating a need for people with more advanced skills. Roles requiring advanced digital skills such as automation, instrumentation and robotics are on the rise in the coming 3 years as a result of the disruption.

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Who Should Attend:

This webinar is ideal for VPs, CEOs, Division Heads, Senior Managers in Human Resources, Operations, Productions and Organizational Development. It is also useful for professionals dealing with change management, strategic planning, talent management, learning and development.


8:45 AM -Registration

9:00 AM - Welcome remarks

9:05 AM- Sharing from

  • Mr. Sam Haggag, Country Manager of ManpowerGroup Malaysia, Director & Executive Sponsor, TAPFIN - Asia Pacific & Middle East

  • Mr. Kim Huat Ooi - Vice President, Manufacturing & Operations General Manager, Intel Products Vietnam

  • Mr. Todd Yates, Technical Director, Nestlé Vietnam

10:05 AM- Panel discussion hosted by Ms. Mary Tarnowka, Executive Director, AmCham Vietnam-Ho Chi Minh City.

10:45 AM- Q&A

11:00 AM- Event ends