EHS Manager

Location Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Industry Construction
Category Legal/Compliance
Job reference 9231
Job type Permanent
Consultant email
Consultant contact no +84 2439744574 (410)



Job Overview/About Company:

In Cooperation & Coordination with each EHS Sub-Groups managers:

    • Responsible for the Consortium for the coordination for the prevention and the protection in the work, Secretary of the LHSC (labour health and safety committees) if applicable.
    • Responsible for the Consortium of the coordination for the environmental aspect of the Consortium activities on the site.


Key Responsibilities:

Insure the regulatory monitoring and a rigorous respect of the Consortium Coordination EHS Management Plan regarding safety(security) of the people and regarding the working conditions taking into consideration, each Sub-Group being responsible for the EHS on sound own scope, for his staff and his subcontractors/ suppliers, according to the local regulation, as described below:

    • Ensure Project comply to CONSORTIUM EHS system: refer to AZDP requirement; reporting process; implement EHS initiatives; etc
    • Produce KPI (Clients Complaints follow up, HS indicators)
    • Watch EHS Risk Analyses for all jobs performed by project teams and establish and Implement mitigation measures to these risks.
    • Upon information reported by the Sub-Groups & their respective EHS Managers, establish according to the frequency to be defined in the EHS Program, a Consortium balance sheet (assessment) Hygiene and Safety(Security) on the basis of the analyses of the possible incidents and the past accidents or deviations and prepare/maintain the Consortium management review/report to be communicated to the Consortium Project Director,
    • Upon information reported by the Sub-Groups & their respective EHS Managers, establish a balance sheet(assessment) Environment and prepare the Consortium management review to be communicated to the Consortium Project Director
    • Coordinate with the Sub-Groups & their respective EHS Managers and participate, with the occupational medicine, the LHSC, security correspondents' network, general services, in the study of the accidents or the incidents, and in the elaboration of the means of accident prevention and improvement of the working conditions.
    • Coordinate with the Sub-Groups & their respective EHS Managers the establishment and implementation and then the monitoring of the Program of prevention to avoid the incidents and the accidents (Arrange training sessions for any specific activity)
    • Propose to the Sub-Groups & their respective EHS Managers and assure the implementation of the environmental action plans
    • Secure the implementation & training-of the Sub-Groups & their respective EHS Managers (and employees when needed) to Security and Environmental requirements,
    • Coordinate with the Sub-Groups & their respective EHS Managers the definition of the needs/means regarding operational control/monitoring regarding emergency situations
    • Keep up to date the indicators of the Consortium Management system of the Environment
    • Assure & Coordinates with the Sub-Groups & their respective EHS Managers the management of occupational accidents (insurer law, premiums, statistics)
    • Check & Control the efficiency of the system and implementation of the processes agreed through audits performed at Sub-Groups level,
    • Propose to Sub-Groups & their respective EHS Managers and implement in coordination with them, where necessary, existing working methods to reduce hazards;
    • Monitor/check & implement with the Sub-Groups & their respective EHS Managers any changes in the local legislation and codes of practices
    • Be informed about safety trends, accident information, best current practice and the latest safe working techniques as well as prevailing legislative requirements, in particular:
    • Provide to Consortium Coordination team with appropriate training and suitable protective clothing and equipment;
    • Participate in the meetings LHSC and assure the secretariat.
    • Organize and lead the EHS Sub-Groups regular coordination meetings
    • Liaise constantly with the Customer/Engineer EHS Manager


 Job Requirements:

1. Education

  • Industrial engineer (electromechanical or civil engineer).
  • Be awarded a diploma to “Adviser in prevention level I”.
  • Master the labor law in Hygiene, Safety(Security), Working conditions of the staff and regarding Environment
  • Know the methods of analysis accidents (tree of the causes etc.)
  • Know the techniques of audit
  • Very good knowledge of Vietnamese & English


2. Knowledge

  • Knowledge of Alstom
  • Knowledge of other functional areas within the organization
  • Knowledge of the domestic environment
  • Knowledge of the international environment


3. Technical Skills & Competencies

An experience of 5 to 10 years in the same function and same Project “size” (number of different activities, coordination, etc...), with:

    • Project management and industrial backgrounds,
    • Good overall knowledge of railway products and systems,
    • Good Communications and interpersonal skills, excellent team worker as they work with a large network,
    • Conflict management and multi-tasking,
    • Be able to challenge project team and highly proactive in proposing solutions.
    • Ability to juggle with schedules and changing project goals.
    • Able to think critically and using good judgment
    • Know collect, synthesize and transmit the information
    • Know how to read and understand the technical documentation
    • Know how to lead an EHS team
    • Know how to use Microsoft pack
    • Know how to take initiatives
    • Know how to organize and plan the workload.
    • Know how to check the respect for the budget.
    • Fluent in English.


 Key Skills (Recommended):

  • Relational ease
  • Autonomy
  • Team spirit
  • Analysis
  • Method & rigor, good management of priorities
  • Availability
  • Target and delay respect
  • Follow Discipline and Processes
  • Leadership
  • Promote Teamwork
  • Strong personality, organizer
  • Ethical behavior