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Staffing & Outsourcing: Enable You To Win In The Changing World of Work

Manpower Vietnam's Staffing and Outsourcing Team is ready to support your business growth.

Does your business have a plan to recruit in massive quantity? Does your business need a payroll and employment contract management team? Is your business considering subleased workers for flexible workforce and compliance with local regulation?

Our professional consulting team is always ready to listen and offer the most suitable solutions for your business. We will support businesses in recruiting talented people, saving their time and costs, and sharing risks with our customers.

Our Workforce Solutions

With over 70-year operations globally and 10+ years of recruitment and staffing experience in Vietnam, we provide diverse innovative workforce solutions for our clients, who are SMEs and Fortune 500 companies, enabling hundreds of thousands of enterprises to win in a changing world of work and ever increasingly competitive business environment.

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    Staffing & Outsourcing

    Staffing needs are not always of a permanent nature as business can face contingent staff requirements such as replacements for employees on maternity and/or sick leave, peak workloads and a special project requiring a specific skill set for a limited time. Our diversified solutions assist enterprises to save time and human resource management fees while being able to mobilize flexible numbers of employees at each different time without increasing fixed cost.

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    Payroll is not simply dealing with C&B of employees, but it's also crucial to be knowledgable on labor regulations, contract terms, proper procedures and data security for all employees. With Manpower Vietnam's Payroll service, no worries about these tasks and you can be ensured that your operations are in compliance with the Vietnamese Labor Code.

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    Work Permit & Visa

    Obtaining work permits and visas for expats is under employers' responsibility for expat workers to stay and work in Vietnam legally. However, it may take businesses quite a time and efforts to obtain work permits and visas for their expats. These are the reasons for Manpower Vietnam to step in to help you save your time and arisen costs.

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On-demand & Flexibility

Our experienced consultants always propose flexible solutions at our clients' demand to meet various requirements and goals of their business, creating real time values ​​for organizations.

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Recruitment Speed

The optimal recruitment process combined with technology and experience is the strength of the Staffing and Outsourcing team. We can quickly source the right talented people meeting our clients' requirements.

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Service Stability

Manpower Vietnam dedicated and loyal consultants ensure that our Staffing and Outsourcing services are always stable, in terms of quality, quantity and cost optimization. We provide from mass recruitment of thousands of associates, to medium- and small-scaled or even one-single-staff recruitment.

Our Testimonials

  • Tran Bich Thuy

    Manpower team is always ready to assist clients regardless of weekends or holidays with rapid response and suitable solutions. Thank you for your kind support, great cooperation, dedicated service and wish you all a lot of success in your work ahead!

    Tran Bich Thuy

    Chief Representative, Representative Office Arthur J. Gallagher (UK) Limited
  • Doan Huong Anh

    ManpowerGroup is a good corporate partner who provides us the right talent in difficult situations for both perm and outsourcing service. We highly appreciate their people’s professional and customer oriented service.

    Doan Huong Anh

    HRBP Manager, FWD Vietnam Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • Van Thi Lan Anh

    Big thanks to Manpower for providing high quality workforce to Be Group. Manpower associates are very professional and supportive in a number of projects that require a big number of workforce in a short time. We are very happy to work with Manpower!

    Van Thi Lan Anh

    Training Centre Director, Be Group
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The Future of Work

Our over 70 years of experience and expertise allow us to provide insights into the critical workforce issues facing companies everyday. Our thought leadership explores the issues, trends and challenges impacting organizations and individuals around the globe.

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